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Damon N. Smith

I've been trying to get information on this since the rumor broke 2 weeks ago. The only way you can find out is by accessing bankruptcy papers that might have been filed in court through the PACER database:


All registered agencies or individuals will be charged a user fee. Access to web based PACER systems will generate a $.08 ($.07 before January 1, 2005) per page charge. The per page charge applies to the number of pages that results from any search, including a search that yields no matches (one page for no matches.) The charge applies whether or not pages are printed, viewed, or downloaded. Access to dial-up PACER systems will generate a $.60 per minute charge. Users will NOT incur both per minute and per page charges for a PACER session. You will be billed on a quarterly basis for your transactions. You will be allowed to enter a client code of your choosing each time you login to PACER to help facilitate managing the costs.

Information about subscribing to PACER can be found here or by calling toll free
1-800-676-6856. There is not a fee merely for obtaining a PACER account.

Here's an adobe doc about PACER fee exemptions:


If you or anyone else uses this information and you "stike gold" lemme know. I would love to post this to my blog [http://hurricanesp.blogspot.com] and let everyone know StormPay is broke. That's probably the reason they're trying to steal everyone money!

Damon N. Smith

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