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Hello Xena
I found your site here about a month ago and have enjoyed
your slightly twisted way of displaying the facts. Bravo!!!

After reading this today I can't help but worry that maybe
this has effected you a little too much.

While ScumPay may be the latest scam to run off with everyone's
money, they definately were not the first, at least not for many
of us.

There has been a long line. From SharedProfits, FreedonFund, CAN, FLO,
Protege World, ECC, PIPS, International Trading, Studio Traffic, and the
latest RM/DOI. And those are just the ones that I belonged to. Well over
$300,000 in lost earnings to scumbag program owners from me alone.

My hope is that when this is all done and over, you still have that
slightly twisted smile as you take up another cause. I enjoy you posts.

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