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Do you realise that there are hundreds of thousands out there right now, that feel JUST like you do? Do you believe your alone in how you feel?

Good people should often feel like thier an alien in this world, because this aint heaven. Infact, the bad man downstairs is having a good ol' time. For now.
Probably sending demons in your ear, whispering, your not good enough, your alone, give up! Are you chosing to believe that?

Trust in Jesus Christ, his gift is eternal if you accept what he did for you. You dont qualify. None of us do, thats why it is called 'grace'. A gift we dont deserve. We grown in these tents for now.

You dont have to understand everything either. Its like looking through a stain glass and only seeing a rough image. Just have faith.

Now change your focus and think of whats good, or what good you can do for your fellow man. Your not going to have to suffer forever. The very fact that your struggling shows your on the narrow road, so good for you!

God Bless you

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