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Hmmmm? I never really heard of stealing souls, except in a sci-if movie. As far as Karma goes, I do believe that we experience soul lessons. Things Father gives us, to teach us. What we reap we do sow.


I had a frightening experience two nights ago when after my new boyfriend sat next to me a little while earlier and meditated and chanted, i was in that limbo stage of semi wakening. I dreamt? that i was in front of an alter/drawers opening a small bottle of essential oil when suddenly i felt a pulling or tugging of what i felt was my soul, away from my body and i began to speak in some other language quite loudly which woke me up with a jerk. Is he or someone trying to grab my soul or do you think that it was just a dream? While my boyfriend was meditating he was holding his right hand lightly above my heart for around a minute or two, just before i fell asleep. I'm thinking it may be co-incidence??!! what do you think guys?

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