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I never heard of this before. :O

Richard P Jackson

Dear Friends For over eight years, chronic Lyme dis has almost wiped me and my life clean. I met a Dr, 31/2 yrs ago from a reading I gave a militairy officer at a benefit in Frederick, MD. We met and diagnosed my condition as Lyme w/bubesia, etc. Thankfully I am 2/3 better.Much of what you say is true, as I have spoken firsthand to Drs and researchers on the "QT", firsthand. Do you know Lyme was accidently weaponized from Plum Island, NY, a gov research facility. I am ok w/ hoping and accepting it is/was accidental. I have seen firsthand people walk away from full blown ALS, MS and Chronic Fatigue. (It is not going to happen that way all the time) Refer to 7/13?03 cover of People Magazine. Most tests for Lyme can be thrown away as irrelevant for most cases, especially long term. As an internationally known specialist in spiritual and matters of healing, there are many good and many "Insurance fronts " for Lyme disease, that give old useless numbing info. There are many viral and offshoot variations of hosts akin and accompanying the Lyme spirochete, 1st cousin to syphillus, in law to malaria. Please know your suggestions are wonderful, although may be part of a Lyme strain that needs further and aggressive anti-virals/biotics. Gulf War Syndrome may be part of this Lyme/ Morgellans scenario. Thanx for more insight and help holistically. Sometimes, just the isolation magnifies this disease ensemble. You keep up the insightfulness!!! Richard Jackson


People with lyme disease could possibly have this condition. Its lesions give a moth-eaten appearance and can last for 10-20 years.


Here's the latest on morgellons, concerning the CDC's involvement, from the LA Times:


Please note the absurd article in this link, which includes the quote, "Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the use of a 'food additive' that may very well be the cause of an emerging Morgellons epidemic."


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, use of this spray will have to be marked on the food just like any other ingredient on the label. So, within time, consumers might be seeing the words "bacteriophage preparation" on cold cuts. While this preparation is intended to make food safer, it doesn't come without its own risks. But if anyone's really afraid of it, just read the label, and avoid it. It was approved to try lessening the risks of contracting listeriosis by pregnant women and small children. There is a promising future on the horizon of bacteriophages replacing antibiotics, which will be great in combatting new strains of super-pathogens.

Bacteriophages, like all viruses, contain protein. These proteins can cause allergic reactions, just like milk proteins cause milk allergies. That is not groundbreaking news. Lots of people are susceptible to allergies. These bacteriophages could get into a battle with the friendly bacteria in the digestive system, making it harder for the body to digest food. But that's nothing new, either, because the FDA already assumes that risk by allowing the use of antibiotics on farms. In my opinion, neither of those fairly insignificant risks rate as anything resembling a threat to safety and health of the public at large.

Henk van Campen, orthomolecular nutritionist

The information about Morgellons Disease on your site is not only accurate as far I can judge it, it is also very important! The suggested therapy looks good, and will not harm, which is even more important. Primo non nocere (in the first place do not harm!) is not for nothing an important part of Hypocrate's oath that all doctors must take. Please carry on with telling the public what other sources will hold back! I have seen very many people in my pratice with Lyme's Disease, and fortunately the therapy that overall looks a lot like the ones you are suggesting for Morgellons is rather successful in many cases.

Jean Ludwig

Consider the following possibility
Monsanto developed a pesticide to use on cotton to eliminate the bugs that attack it. One problem - it only is effective for one of them, the major one. The second one, not affected, is now free to increase in numbers. This second one produces small blue colored fibers. These microscopic bugs can be found on many cotton products, not only clothing but diapers, sanitary products, make-up remover pads and the list goes on. These bugs can be transferred to the skin, producing the very same blue colored fibers. Chilling thought. Does anybody know anything about this possibility?

Susan Rawlings

This is the first website I have found to offer homeopathic remedies for Morgellons. My sister has developed this disease which has made her literally "disabled". My Mother & I have been doing hours & hours of research on the internet to find a cure or at least a treatment to slow the progression and relieve her discomfort. Our Mother has found a nurse practitioner who actually sees patients with Morgellons who is located in CA. The downside, she charges $500.00 for the first two visits, & $350.00 for each visit therafter. Needless to say, since our Mother has been supporting my sister & her children for the last two years, and quite frankly, doesn't have that kind of money, but is willing to beg, steal or borrow, in order to help my sister. My sister has had this condition for four years & like the majority of the other people who have this condition, has also been diagnosed as having Delusional Parasitosis, amongst other things. She has been to ER's at least seven times over the last two and a half years, only to be given mega doses of antibiotics and sent home. I recommended that she go a local hospital where they do teaching and research, thinking that surely, they would take the time to do a parasitology test and skin samples to view of the lesions. Instead, the ER doctor asked our Mom, "Don't you think your daughter should be committed?" Of course, our Mother stated, "No!" I am anxious to pass on your website to my Mother and sister so that she can try some of your recommendations. However, in reading the treatments, the first one, using salt and vitamin C, which seems to be the easiest to acquire without many medical people being involved, doesn't say how long she should take this therapy. Does it really cure Morgellons or will my sister need to take this therapy for the rest of her life? I just hope the recommendations listed here are therapeutic for her and I hope that I have come across this in time to actually help her and not cause worsening of her condition or create a new one to go along with her Morgellons. I'm very concerned about her health and fear that her condition has not progressed to the point that her natural life span will be severely shortened. To say the least, it has been severely debilitating. Sincerely, Susan Rawlings


I believe I have Morgellons and will try the treatments on your site -- heck I'll try anything as I want to live and improve my quality of life. I feel lousy and have these little pencil line things on my skin and my head feels really strange and many of the other symptoms, including fatigue. I was always healthy as ever before mid-October. I did visit San Francisco, which I'm told has a lot of this disease happening there. Perhaps I picked up there but not sure.

The doctors all talk -- my internist, dermatologists -- and tell you about delusional parasitosis. I think it's like "Group Think" and also they don't like to either handle something complicated or don't like not knowing what to do right off the bat. Another possibility is their time esp. if they're in a metropolitan area -- they don't have time for complex patients like us I guess. But it's all REAL and not a delusion. I hope the CDC study confirms this and that everyone gets help. This is horrendous for me, my kids and my family.

Richard Cutts

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Jim Allyn

Ihave just found out my friend has Morgellons . Im trying to find out more about it. Like is it fatal, how do you get it , Is it contagious ? Any info would be wonderful !!! Thank you.

Kunga Bhutri

Lots of good help and information at lymebusters.com

We have a Morgellons section with a very active board.


We have developed natural protocols and are trying many things to kick this scorge. Also info. of how to become politically active on this subject.

If you are serious and supportive you are welcome.

Larry Creighton

The vitamin c sea salt diet works. I combined mine with DE diatomacous earth and a ground up flax meal.

I also had results with hydrochloric acid and pepsin which basically disloves them.

I also tried the safeguard method which was extremeley effective, I ended up becoming a member of pet smart and I dont even own a pet.

I now feel better than I ever have in the 10 years since I have had Morgellons. My weight went from a anorectic 120ibs to 165lbs where it should be.


To all the "morgellons disease" patients, in an uproar, attributing to me, what Henk van Campen, orthomolecular nutritionist, posted on Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 06:22 AM, cut out that nonsense. I, Smileykins, posted ABOVE his comment. Look again. People who've commented here, have their usernames, and the date that they posted, after their comments, not before them.


Romy Geissler

I have been sufferering with this for a little over a year now, and I have used every herbal and veterenary combonatin ever created it seems.
I have shaved my head, due to my hair falling out, I am obsessed with the hairs that come out of me that have the gel substance around them(my doctor says they are just normal)
I have also been diagnosed with this dilusional crap.
I just got hold of some sevein dust, and I am washing in it now, it seems to help, but not much,
I am already disabled from an auto v/s train accident, and I have no relatives.
I am truely at my end withthis, and have thught f suicide OFTEN.
I cannot afford anything that isn't covered by medicade anymore!
I need help!
Or do I just die?

G.T Bradford

I have had Morgellons for over 5 years now . Was one of thr first reg on Mary's site . . . . There are plenty of ways to kill the cycle of Parisites in our system . You can take Ivermectin paste & Combo Care paste , this will stop them in 15 min . Im sure vitiman C & Salt will work too . . . I do know this , You will have to continue this , unless you cut out the GENERAL . . The GENERAL ( Mother Ship ) if you will , will continue to make more . . . I had 2 Generals in my shoulder , cut them out , it was like an Alien movie . . . But this is what needs to be done . . . . . Just thought I would give a heads up .


Dear Xena,

I noticed smileykins on your comments page. Not sure if you know about her, but she is a Morgellons 'debunker' and a menace, trawling on all the Morgie sites, spreading her disinformation. Just go to MorgellonsWatch, and note how she calls us all delusional. May I ask/suggest you not allow her to comment further on your blog? I'm just sick of seeing her everywhere..there is no safe place from her or her 'man' tallcotton. thanks for your understanding.

Heidi Brinkerhoff

I have morgellon's and started treating it with the Salt and vitamin C, and diatomacous earth (1 T. per day). I found a Dr. who was famliar with morgellon's and am now taking biltricide, ivervectin, diflucan, and cipro in addition to the diatomacous earth. I have been on this regimen for 4 weeks and the lesions have healed by approx 50%. The effect seems to be more dramatic than with the vit c and salt. It also seems to help to make a diatomacous mask and and let it dry on the skin.


Has a relationship been established between morgellons and having a pet?


the cellular defence looks good, the zeolite reference, but does anyone know where it can be bought at a cheaper price. It looks as if it could be someones clever marketing strategy. have any other people out there used it and found it beneficial?


Great advice. Also add MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) and the Salt C. pau D'Arco tea (not capsuls) should also be tried.





sandy Regan

Dear Xena,
I am very interested in your salt and Vit. C therapy. I take Vit. C already but not in such large amts. My questions are: How long do you take this therapy? And isn't it hard on your heart to take this much salt? Any dangers here? I am very tempted to try it and I have 5 other people who are affected with this skin problem but I want to be safe and know how long to take it. Also, is this therapy okay by itself or do you need to do something with it? I take a lot of nutritional products already. Please answer asap. Oh, did you get completely cured from the salt therapy? Thanks for your help. Blessings, Sandy Midland Mi

Janet Appleyard

Dear Xena and Junknira,

I am a 'newbie Morgellons' - got it in October 2007.I read Smileykins/tallcotton about 5 days ago (I think). much to my surprise I got something out of it. My initial feeling (without refferring back to the original) is that while Smileykins may well have had a severe case of skin sensitivity and follow-on conditions, Tallcotton must definitely had Morgellons(hence the motile things in a jar), possibly with other things, but since recovery(?)has chosen to believe something that is not so bizarre as the truth about Morgellons.

And who can blame hime from wanting to live in a world where Morgellon's does not exist? I know I would like to! Unfortunately I don't have either pre-existing skin sensitivities nor do I do drugs of any kind. I don't even drink alcohol or coffee or tea and pre-Morgellons I avoided caffienated soda beverages.

Now I don't even drink much of fizzy drinks because I'm trying to keep/make my body as alkaline as possible.

What I got out of this article was the 'keep looking after yourself'. My upbringing involved waiting for a knight in shining armor OR paying someone to do the unwanted jobs (and a lack of confidence). Now with the loss of my job (they still have me on the books)-helping the aged stay in their own homes with in-home care - I can no longer sustain this attitude, though old habits die hard.
The day I read Sm/tallcot the above phrase went home to me.

So,there's some good in everything, though I don't like the sound of Smileykins saying we're delusional. I know what (hubby &)I've got!! And my poor cats! I'm going to take all the positives I can - out of anything at all.

Oh, and since they're posted everywhere else, the space could be better spent on something more helpful!!

Cheers, the Apple

dorothy u

i have a combo of some and maybe additional symptoms seems to be worse n0w i was doing the salt and C and was 80% better and then started another program externally with salt and vinegar salt and peroxide etc. it caught up with me and i swelled up legs and arms weeped blistered it was store salt on the outside. i am starting my 8th anti biotic trip this time is tetracycline and metronidazole for two weeks. to this day and 5 doctors 3 included emer hosp trips dial soap sulphur soaps kleen free relieves itch amd now pain. also intermittant dermatex sprays they do morph and i try to stay ahead with little success some days i function ok others in a fog i notice specks more like polywog tails too. in my nose also if this rx (self prescribed) doesnt work,i need a doc in maui to do lymes treatment or should i i go back to the sea salt and C you were a life saver i wish i could give you everything i have spent for the shelves of misc that didnt work for me aloha d.


hi. heres my big problem with this disease, im making others itch around me, i do not know what is going on, i think i have it so bad they shed off me.any one else have this problem and any suggestions. thank you


I have this terrible diease and it really does take over your life. I'm at my wits end and so frearful for my family catching it. I am going to try the vit c and salt if this doesnt work i am going to have to consider moving out of my family home as i couldnt bear it if my family caught this. Can anyone tell me if they also have black thick liquid sometimes come out of the leisons. Is there a household cleaner (disinfectant) that I can use to help protect us from the black specs that seem to be everywhere


I have had what I believe is Morgellons for about 20 years now. I live with it every day. It is constantly on my mind. My joints are getting worse and my health is rapidly going down hill. I hope they find an answer soon.


WOW! interesting.I found a tick attached to my next in Jan 2004. Developed Lyme w/bulls-eye rash and dx Lyme positive by Igenix. In Jan 2006, after some dental work, I started to develop open, weeping,painful sores on my right shin and then working their way up my body as far as my jawline. Thank heaven they didn't get my face. Since then, have been to dr., dermatologist,etc. No one w/answers...Dermatologist didn't even come look at sores. Just looked at me like I was either dirty or crazy and sent me away. I think I've finally figured out it's Morgellon's.Symptoms fit to a "t". Thank you for posting this info. It's a godsend!

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