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I had ovarian cancer 4 3/4 years ago...surgery and chemo as you noted...I was allergic to the taxol and breezed thru the cistoplastin with just hair loss...my original CA 125 was just 35...it has since been 4-6...serial CA125's were like a life raft for me... the only way of knowing it wasn't acting up again...I assumed I was dying with stage 1 Class 3...One ovary and a large cyst of fluid around the cancer...but two kinds of cancer... sometimes when I got the medical bills I wasn't sure death wasn't an option...now they're gone and life is good again except I want to retire and insurance companies don't insure women with ovarian cancer...it sucks...you can be a survivor and still be penalized...it's not right...insurance companies shouldn't be allowed to hold life and death over people for $75 for a simple blood test especially when they pay for same sort of thng for men.

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