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Zena, I would strongly recommend that you see the documentary
'aninconveniettruth' [It's spelled that way. This is how it should
appear......'An Inconvenient Truth'].

It's really an excellent portrayal of the effects which will ensue following Global Warming. I'm not here to debate the issue as to whether Global Warming is a myth or reality. That controversy is for the same set of people who are still debating whether cigarette smoking is bad for their health.

You either believe or you don't. If you don't. No sweat off my back. Then we have nothing to discuss.

I had been active in developing a survival plan for both 'the Rosicrucian
[A.M.O.R.C. wing] and Lemurian Order [in Stelle, Illinois]' for when our climate begins to change....becomes either too hot [resulting in an ice age] or too toxic.

My plans fell on deaf ears which is ok by me. I stated my case. People
can either act on it or remain listless and become victims to future
global catastrophic events. Just wanted to recommend this documentary to you.

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