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Phil Sweet

Don't throw in the towel Sweetie, for you are too
young to give up so soon. We'll be there for you so just give us a shout when you need to vent badly.
These are trying times and they are only going to get worse for the people is apostate...the believers are dying off at an alarming rate and the schools and television are creating atheists by the ton daily. So hang in there 'til the bitter end and all will work out for the best...just keep the faith of Jesus.
In Him,


I agree with Phil. Dont worry about people that dont want to know the truth. You can only plant the seed. I suppose we all know how Father feels now, dont we? :( It hurts so much, to not be able to help others. Especially when we run into the ones, that really seem like they want to know truth, only to close their ears. We are here with you hon. I love you so much. God bless you,

James M Booth


1. Take a deep breath - hold it

2. Clear your mind - let your arms relax

3. Exhale

4. Carry on : )

Onward and upward, waging peace



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