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In my case I had to set my mother free. I was her primary health provider for 4 years (24/7) and looked after her before then on an almost constant basis for 15 years following my father's death.

It would have been selfish of me to keep her around. She was 96 y/o, and all her senses were gone or at least on the verge of going. So when it came time, I resolved to let her cross-over without any intention to selfishly keep her on this side of the 'Veil'.

She was the 7th Sister of 7 Sisters and was born with a 'Veil' (what is called a 'Caul')...like in caul-dron (cauldron). She was also born in '07' of the 20th century. So the Number '7' seemed to be dominant in her life. I never fancied her a great psychic, but she was more an excellent healer.


I totally agree with this poem. You shouldnt hold someone tight. Let them walk around and experience life, give them the freedom they need, to choose. It kind of reminds you of how Father is with us, doesnt it. That is the way love should always be. :)
Love and blessings,


I find myself seeking a different meaning to that poem, and I've found it. Am going through a difficult time with my boyfriend, and the fact is...the reason for my difficult time, is me. I've placed these unrealistic expectations from him - like wanting him to be faithful. It is within his nature to be with other women. It is who he is....and so, quite painfully, I've opted to set him free.

To the girl that posted the comment about her mother, I admire your courage. 9 years ago I lost my mother, she was 60 and breathtakenly beautiful. It was a difficult time for me, and sometime still is...One never really gets over losing a loved one.

Thank you for posting this poem....Avi

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