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Phil Sweet

Hi Sherlock, you are getting too hi-tech for this old fellow. I suppose you spend a fair amount of time studying this hi-tech stuff to have such a fine grasp things technical and if I was younger you could give me an inferiority complex with your knowledge. And shame me into going to some sort of school to acquire enough knowledge to bs you into believing I had some idea of what I was talking about. Fortunately that won't be ncessary for I simply do not give a damn, Scarlett! Hope you are enjoying life, dear lady and are allowed to enjoy it a few more years by the powers that be.


I see my honey posted above. :) Wouldnt you know, that one of my favorite people on the planet would be here. :) I will try and leave you a message as soon as I get the kids to plug my camera back in. That is where my microphone is. ;) If you want, you can give me your number, or I could give you mine and then we can talk like real people. ;) I talk to Phil all the time. Love and blessings sweetie.
love you both, Kimmy


A simple phone call will work, since i have to get the kids to plug in my web cam. I think that is where my speaker is. ;) If you want to exchage numbers, I would love to do that. I can tell you, Phil is a great guy and I love his voice. We talk all the time. In fact I need to get off of here and call him now. See you later hon.
God bless you and all who visit here,


Hi, I found your blog while looking for a picture of a blue fairy using google. For starters I would like to ask for your permission to use this picture http://www.xenacarpenter.com/images/bluefairy.png for a rpg game. Game currently looking for pictures of different things. If picture not made by person uploaded permission is required and url source of pic. Secondly I never actually stopped and given second though to "Your Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. I also looked at the watcher files to see what you were referring to. I didn't know there were other people who thought the same way to be honest. I mean this in regards to "The Coming Beasts Of Revelation 13." People actually even refer to Obama as the Messiah at times it seems...Well regardless, please email with your answer in regards to the picture and thank you from now, and if know thank you just the same for your site was insightful.

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