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Not exactly accurate in all respects - and a little 'out there' in others - but your post is an echo of the frustrations of many of us that stand to lose much. With ICANN now bringing the hammer down on Registerfly - (About 2 years too late) - It gives me even LESS hope that I will be able to salvage what is left.
I wish I could pat you on the back and say "It'll be better tomorrow" - but we've all heard that way too many times!


Did you just watch Da Vinci Code?


I am concerned about "The New World Orders Ultimate Reigns of Hell" as well but if we go over the top and connect the dots all willy nilly, we lose complete credibility. Usually, incompetence is as big a factor as crookedness and this is no exception. I have seen no evidence that eNom is implicit in this fiasco. If they are, they are doing a poor job of profiting from it because they let me push my registerfly domains to an account at eNom and retain current expiry dates for no charge. I can now salvage my domains and transfer them out of eNom to another registrar with no money exchanging hands. If they are crooks, they certainly are very bad ones. ICAAN is just another feckless governing body with no real governing power. Yes, it's true that corporations like it that way, so there is validity in that worry. We are in the midst of a very regrettable period of time where Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan have been canonized instead of pilloried. Let's hope history corrects this soon, but but let's keep our wits about us in the meantime.


Yeah, Davinci is greate

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